On the right track,
is the English translation of the slogan” På rätt spår. ”
The slogan from the village of Kil in Sweden which takes a central place in our story. The name does not meant “look at us we are so good, we are on the right track.” No. The right track indicates that we are going step by step after Jesus. Not always knowing where we are going to, but just step-by-step on the road with Jesus.

A name with a story.
“Can you explain to the congregation why you are in Sweden en what you are going to do?” Puh, how do you explain 10 years in just a few minutes?

We used the image of a running track as you see on the photo. You follow the signs even though you have no idea how the track goes. It is sometimes the same with Jesus. “You follow his voice and directions until the next sign comes.”  One thing you know for sure: We are “On the right track” we said several times.

After the service, two congregation members came to us and asked if we knew what Kil’s slogan was. We didn’t know that. So that turned out to be “På rätt spår”. Which means “on the right track.”

For us another sign that tells us that go on and follow the track.

The track is not the finish.
That is how it went in the plan that God has for us. We have always followed “the signs” and are still on our way to the next sign in the confidence that we are “on the right track”.

You are involved!!
This plan is not only about us but also about you. It is about building God’s Kingdom for this world. And you are part of. In Matthew 28; 19-20 this command stands:
“So go and make all nations my disciples, by baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to abide by all that I have instructed you to do. And keep this in mind: I am with you, every day, until the completion of this world.”

We want to respond to start in Scandinavia in Sweden with church planting. You too can be part of this mission by prayer, encouragement or by providing financial support to help to build God’s kingdom.

How you can help you can read: being a member of the Gideons army.