What is the Church:
Jesus says, “Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am in their midst.” Is it that simple then? Maybe!

A different view of being a church.In the text below we briefly explain how we want to look at being church.
Specifically focused on what we are going to do in Scandinavia.

Keys to this are:- small groups (smallchurches) are the church.- Grow, discipleship, multiply and split. Very nice description about smallchurches of house churches. can be found in the book “The church in the house”.
You can download and use this book. English, till now I didn’t find a Swedish translation.

Download en read this FREE E-book.

The small group is the church. 
So NOT: cell groups are a possibility in church life, just like many other groups.
But cell groups are the church. There are small groups in many churches. But those small groups are a by-product of being a church.

Here: the small groups are the church! 

Celebrate together.
Possible larger (Sunday) meetings with several small churches are the by-product of cell growth.Your church, is the Smallchurch.

You know each other in cell groups, Growing in faith: Also practice in gifts of the spirit. The Holy Spirit has given gifts and ministries to everyoneHelping each other, praying for each other, but also taking practical care. 

Specific smallchurches
This can be due to circumstances, for example, an hour after work, or due to specific interest. For example, a sports community that grows into Smallchurch. 

Smallchurches are a key to evangelism:
Living together, witnessing and being helpful as keys to reach people.
You can easily take people with you. Low threshold.

The small church that comes together has a vision for a new, next to small church from the start. We expect that every new group born from the Smallchurch is “pregnant” from the next small church. 

Smallchurch becomes an evangelization tool in addition to the existing church structure. Just another group. 

What could it look like? 
We have open meetings and everyone is welcome to participate. We praise Jesus and are focused on building each other in love. Everyone is important. We read the Bible together and talk about it in an informal way. Anyone who wants to participate in reading and the discussion is welcome. All things are meant to encourage each other. The group prays for each other, for other congregations, for family, acquaintances, friends and neighbours; we pray for the government of our country. We serve each other through prayer, prophetic words, the gifts of the Holy Spirit and by providing each other with material needs, all as the Lord leads us. We often eat together and celebrate supper -(quote ‘the church in Huis -page 5’)