A hairdresser and a sports teacher working as church planters. Sound like a good plan. Arend Jan (1971) and Esther (1975) were married in 1995.
Both grew up in a loving Christian family.
Arend Jan graduated at the CALO as a Teacher in PE and Esther completed her education as a hairdresser.

Together they have four children, three daughters and one son.
Dominque (1998) Danitsja (1999) Jada (2003) Kealan (2005).

You can say that they are both born again in 2007 and since then they have a great passion for Jesus and sharing the gospel. Bringing people to Jesus just in the place they are and by connecting with them in their style, language and life. Connecting with homeless people and drugs addicts starts with sitting next to them. On the bench in the park. To connect with young people we use the wonderful tool of sport and the concept of Sports communities.

What are we planning to do:
The church is changing. We believe that we do not live in a time of change but in a change of time. The Bible shows a fantastic way of church planting. Back to basic. Just like in Acts the church started with congregations at home. Simple, but so powerful. Building a culture of discipleship to pass this on to future generations.

In addition, we are not against the “old form of the church”, that can go well together. Will need every possibility there are to show Jesus and restore the body of Christ. United we stand!!

Read more about our plans? Go to: Church but different.

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