A Cell group = Church.

Different from small groups as I know them: Small groups are a side product of the church. This is the other way around. The small groups are the church.
Besides that, there can be a celebration on Sunday. But the church on Sunday is a side product of the small groups. Small groups make the church.

In the blueprint from the Sweden trip, I wrote down a couple of things that should be in every cell group.
The (Cel) group:
1 Prayer is a main issue (head)
2 The heart is being together. (prayer, worship, education ) (heart)
3)Taking people from the outside into the groups (Lungs)
4 A place to meet (belly)
5 Support and Serve (Legs)
6 Share (Arm)
7 Embrace (Arm)
Every cell should contain this DNA to be a complete cell group. When there are missing some elements it is not a cell group.

So there should be a “structure” for the cell group.
Which gives the possibility of variation. But still, every variation should contain all the seven core values

Go, make disciples baptize them and learn what Jesus has learned us.

That is the mission of the church and will be the mission of the cell groups. A cell group should grow. Evangelism and grow is one of the goals.
You can easily take people to your cell group because.

Evangelism activities are not a cell group in it selves. But within a cell group, they can function as the lungs to bring people in to the cell groups.

Another way is to build cell groups around a specific activity. You do get specific cell groups.
But also in this cell groups, there should be the seven core values.

Sportcommunitiy as an example
A great example of specific cell groups are the sports communities as the function in the Netherlands.
The sports communities are founded the connect with people in the neighbourhood by using sports.
A sports community evening starts with eating together and being together, worship, education, prayer.
After that, the teams go out on the streets to sport with the young people.

During the break, they share the gospel and talk with the young people about it. Then they continue with sporting.

After that, they come together as a team. Team members pray for each other and for the youth on the streets.
Support each other in their growth of faith.
Learn to be a disciple, and to practise this. With ups-and-downs. Share their time and love with the youth on the street. AL seven core values are within this sports community.

This should be if you want to split the cell group later on and let it be a church

New plans, suitable or not:
A suggestion like: ” We want to do some little gardening jobs for people” or “we are going to support youth with their homework” can in this concept only work as a ”lung activity” within an existing cell group or by making a new cell group.

Your goal is after all to grow and to make disciples. That is why evangelism is a goal of the cell and not a private hobby of some individuals.
Besides that, everyone can take people to the cell groups by themselves. No matter how you did get to know them you can invite them into the cell group.