We love people, we love Jesus, we love sports

A sports community is a group of people from all kinds of different backgrounds who meet each other weekly on the sports field in the neighborhood. You always see three values ​​in it. We love people, we love Jesus, we love sports!
In the team you learn together to be a disciple of Jesus and how you can practise this on the sports field and in daily life. In the Netherlands, sports communities are often an activity of the mother church, but in our concept, every sports community is potentially a housechurch.

On the field, something of the gospel is shared during the break. Participants in the sport are also welcome to participate in the team moment. The sports community helps Christians get in touch with the young people who live in their neighborhood. Sports is super accessible and by doing it every week you get to know young people well and the involvement grows towards each other. We are convinced – and see – that this mutual bond creates respect and openness.

In the video below, the basis of the sports community concept is explained (English)

Download the Sport Community toolkit (English)